Our story

Born in 2011, Fivebars are the leading Telecommunication provider in the UK, the only business with a 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

Having worked for networks and dealerships for over 25 years, our Fivebars directors became increasingly frustrated with the amount of bad customer service within the telecommunication industry and all too often had come across companies who were being very poorly looked after, it was apparent that most business owners did also struggle to find the time to liaise with their respective networks either.

Since then Fivebars is now one of the UK’s most established and trusted business communications provider, offering a range of services to all of their clients including, Business Broadband, VoIP, bespoke Telephone Systems, Passenger WiFi, IoT for small businesses and much more!

Overspending – That’s a word that any business dreads, especially when it comes to your monthly business mobile tariff. Luckily, that’s where we come in, get in touch today and find out how much money you can save.

We want to do things differently

We live and breathe our values

For us, it is integral to offer around the clock support to businesses and our customers. This approach has allowed us to really understand the needs and requirements of our customers, most importantly though we were able to build and are continuing to form strong trusting relationships with our clients.

We strongly believe in our top five core values. We live and breathe our values which are mirrored by our current Trustpilot customer rating – 9.8 out 10 which currently ranks us as number one within the UK.

The Fivebars values emphasise everything that we do

Honesty: We will always give you complete honest, subjective and comprehensive advice.

Independence: Independent of any network, manufacturer or any other vested interest. We just focus on what is best for you, we’re on your side.

Value: We know the industry; we know how to get the best deals for you. Most importantly we understand your needs.

Partnership: We work with you, we ensure that you are always up-to-date with new kit and deals that are suited to you. We are with you all the way.

Range: You need it, we’ve got it. Mobiles systems, landlines, VoIP systems, homeworker setups and much more. Altogether, we always ensure that we can offer you the best possible range that your business needs.

Looking to upgrade your telecoms system for your business? You’ve come to the right place, we are here to help you improve business communications.