• Martin Murphy
    Martin Murphy Managing Director

Having been in the Business Communications industry for many years, Martin formed Fivebars Mobile 5 years ago after a successful time working for Orange. However, he always noticed that some customers weren’t being treated to the level that he expected, at which point Martin decided to form Fivebars Mobile.

Martin certainly is the Yoda of the telecoms world and his desire and passion about customer service certainly rubs of on the rest of the team. Apart from spending most of his free time with his family, Martin has a real passion for his singing career, he even managed to get on stage with Michael Bublé once.

  • Louie
    Louie Sales Director

As Fivebars Sales Director, Louie is a real role model for the rest of the team. His consultative, friendly and honest approach is one of his many key attributes. Louie loves that the constant, challenging, but yet enjoyable change within the industry keeps him on his toes.

Louie is a real lover of classic cars, although getting stuck into a ‘cheeky Nandos’ is probably his main guilty pleasure, Louie is also adamant that he’s recently starred in one of Danny Dyers movies.

  • Jerry
    Jerry Head of Marketing

Heading up the Marketing team at Fivebars, Jerry is always on hand to ensure that all the hard work the rest of the team produce everyday doesn’t go to miss. Jerry ensures that all of Fivebars clients are always in the loop with the latest business news, offers and promotions.

Having over 5+ years’ experience within the SME market, he knows exactly what it takes for a company to stand out amongst it’s competitors. Jerry is a big sports fan, he devotes most of his free time to his rugby career, although some say that his dancing skills are the real crème de la crème.

  • Dean
    Dean Business Development Executive

When it comes to Mobiles, Dean is an expert in providing the best deals to his customers. As one of Fivebars Business Development Executives, Dean is always determined to pull together the best possible package for his clients. Although he’s not a big fan of Beetroot, Dean loves exploring different cuisines and keeping up-to-date with his favourite football team.

  • Harry
    Harry Business Development Executive

Being in sales for all of his professional career, Harry has a great energetic character, he loves catering to everyone’s needs when it comes to telecoms. Harry has a real eye for attention to detail when it comes to understanding how his clients utilise their devices across their business. Harry always spends as much time as he can with his family, however, if he ever has any spare time he tries to improve on his guitar skills.

  • Sid
    Sid Business Development Executive

If you’re looking for someone who has a real eye for transforming your business communication infrastructure more efficiently, Sid is your guy. As one Fivebars Business Development Executive, Sid always makes it his mission to bundle the best possible communication package together for his clients. He’s the expert when it comes to multi site and data connectivity. In his spare time, Sid loves cooking and keeping in touch with the latest boxing headlines.

  • Christine
    Christine Customer Relations Manager

As Fivebars Customer Relation Manager, Christine ensures that all of our customers are happy once any of their devices have been set up and connected. Christine’s determination to save the customer as much money as possible is uncanny, she always goes out of her way to ensure that our customers are happy and that they have everything that they need. Christine loves going for long walks, although she probably loves chocolate more than anything else.

  • Nicola
    Nicola Financial Controller

Nicola is our financial controller, which means, she ensures that all the numbers are in the right place. Apart from her exemplary numeracy skills, Nicola always keeps up-to-date with the latest industry news, as she is eager to keep in the loop with the latest trends and news. Although Nicola always seems too busy, she devotes as much time as she can to her reptile collection.

  • Millie
    Millie Sales Support Assistant

Millie has been at Fivebars for over two years and she is an integral part of the team. Millie is our first point of contact for our customers, whether it’s answering questions, sorting out billing documents or offering technical advice, Millie always dedicates her full attention to each of our customers. Although in her spare time she’s pretty occupied with planning her wedding, Millie always finds time to freshen up her Spanish skills or play with her Hamster Moomin.

  • Jo
    Jo Marketing & Admin Assistant

Jo has really settled into her Marketing & Admin Assistant role. She’s a great addition to the Marketing team, her attention to detail and passion is a great asset to the team. Being a social, outgoing individual that loves taking up new challenges Jo has a real soft spot for theme parks even if some of the rides scare her from time to time.

  • Charlie
    Charlie Telemarketing Executive

Charlie is part of the Telesales team at Fivebars, after a change of career, Charlie is very enthusiastic and always eager to learn more about the industry. His positive attitude definitely rubs off on the rest of the team. In his spare time Charlie loves reading, socialising with his friends and he always tries to spend as much time with the family dog.

  • Archie
    Archie Chief Barking Assistant

Archie is the life and sole of Fivebars, if he doesn’t look around for treats he keeps all of the team entertained. Archie loves going for walks and swimming in the sea whenever he gets a chance.