We’re sure you’ve heard it before and you’re probably going to hear it again and again. However, if we’re all honest, most of us ignore it. We ignore when your mates, colleagues or family members tell you that you need to backup your smartphone.

As much as we don’t like admitting it, we spend the majority of our lives being reliant on our smartphones, tablet or other mobile devices. We use all of our devices to answer emails, update your Facebook status, stalk someone on Instagram or look for potential opportunities on LinkedIn. Then there is Netflix and BBC iPlayer and all the other catch up tv apps that are out there. The point is, we use our smartphone for a lot of things, some of us even for banking purposes – which let’s be honest, is pretty useful!

What all of that means is that we essentially store a lot of data on our phones, from notes, passwords, WhatsApp chats and images and so much more.

Why do I need to back it up?

The main and probably most important reason why you should backup your phone is so you don’t lose anything that’s near and dear to you, such as photos and videos.
From a business point of view though, for any devices that are either lost or stolen, business owners will need to be able to recover any data that was stored on each device. The last thing you need is a new phone with no contacts, messages or notes on it, especially with GDPR hanging over all of our heads.

Though not many associate our smartphones and our other devices with malware, you’d be surprised at the frequency of sophisticated and targeted attacks, which makes data protection and regular backups even more important.

Another reason, and probably a something we’re all guilty of is, accidentally deleting something off your device and realising that you probably shouldn’t have done that seconds after. So, if that’s not reason enough to back it all up, then you know something that we don’t!

What backup options do I have?

In short, you have a choice of either saving it to a local device or using a cloud based software, most new smartphones or tablets tend to offer you to use their cloud based version when you set up your phone. We’d always recommend using a cloud based solution to backup your device, as this is the most time efficient and hassle free option for you.


Simply put, backing your data up is vital! We all know how quickly we have to adapt to constant change when it comes to running a successful business. Although protecting your data may not seem that important, losing your data could potentially cost you a new client, a prospect or customer information and due to GDPR, potentially a hefty fine! Please, once you’ve read this article, check that you’ve got everything in place to backup your data and if you’re not sure how to do it, just give us a call and we will answer any of your questions.