The story

Loyal customer and Managing Director of Platinum Chauffeurs , Keith Trenchard, approached the team at Fivebars as he was looking to implement a passenger WiFi service to his customers, but he also wanted a product which would allow him to analyse specific data about his customers, staff and overall business requirements, Keith wanted more than just free 

The brief

Keith wanted a solution that would allow his clients to have a real-live experience when connecting to the WiFi service. In essence, we were asked to provide a tailored solution that can combine on-board entertainment and will enable Platinum to track, report and analyse valuable data to allow for a more efficient and profitable way of operating.

What happened next?

Offering additional value to Keiths’ customers can be the differentiator within a very competitive chauffeuring market, with our bespoke WiFi unit we were able to add cutting edge value to Keith and his customers. Complete with a personalised ‘welcome’ landing page Platinum have the ability to capture valuable data, such as contact details, which has since increased Keith’s customer base by over 12%. The unit has been set up with crucial data caps, as that way Platinum can ensure that there is no overspend on data, however, all their customers can still browse freely without any major restrictions other than spending their entire journey streaming videos or music. Our WiFi system has also enabled the guys at Platinum to dive into valuable data in regards to their fleet, such as precise location, overall journey times and much more. 

What does our customer think?

“I love it, my customers love it and that to me is what matters the most! The fact that I am able to get valuable data that allows me to make my business more profitable is an immensely great plus factor. I’m definitely going to be using Fivebars WiFi solution for my remaining cars and I can’t thank the team enough for their time and effort, I’m not sure why I didn’t contact them sooner!”

Why Fivbars? 

Our WiFi unit is a bespoke solution is suitable for all operators regardless of size. The system delivers real-time valuable data back for the operator to monitor scheduling and movement and improve profitability it also allows you to form a stronger and personal bond with your customers as you have the ability to run personalised promotional campaigns or little but effective things like welcome messages personalised to each customer. We’ve since began talks with further private hire car companies as we were highly recommended by Platinum Chauffeurs. The fact that our customer service is rated as excellent, by Trustpilot!