The story

When Yellow Buses initially approached Fivebars regarding their on-board passenger WiFi, it quickly became apparent how frustrated the team at Yellow Buses had become with their numerous trials that simply weren’t delivering, especially regarding the overall WiFi signal. The guys at Yellow Buses wanted a WiFi solution that not only would connect their customers to the internet, but they wanted a package that would enable them to track precise and unique data such as location, traffic habits, fuel consumption and much more to help them make their fleet more efficient across the board.  

The brief

Provide a passenger WiFi solution for Yellow Buses and their customers that offers valuable feedback for their management team to track and analyse specific data which can be used to improve things like route management, timetables and overall efficiency.

What happened next?

After initial conversations, our data team quickly realised that one of the reasons why Yellow Buses were struggling to pick up decent single with their trial units was down to not having access to an external antenna, as this can make a massive difference to the signal and overall user experience. Once we collated all the remaining information we decided that a combined bundle of data (the Fivebars opex model) will meet all of Yellow Buses requirements. The unit is designed to allow for plenty of ‘wiggle’ room, which means that the technology part of it is extremely flexible and allows for any on-the-go changes. The main focal point of any Yellow Bus customer will be their bespoke landing page, which has the functionality to capture unique data, but also has the ability to offer any sponsorship opportunities if required, to allow for an easy way to get return of investment for the Yellow Bus team.

The result?

Having gained a strong understanding of our WiFi unit, Yellow Buses are now able to offer a on-board entertainment solution to their customers, whilst still being in full control of their data. With our data team putting usage restrictions in place the team at Yellow Buses are now able to track exact locations of their buses, they can access useful user history and our unit has been set up so it can integrate with their app, that way the team can track, record and analyse all ticketing purchases and see any customer trends.

What does our customer think?

“It was great to understand more about what an actual WiFi unit can actually offer, especially the external antenna. The guys at Fivebars were really great and breaking it all down for us and setting our units up in the exact way we needed. It’s great to have the guys at Fivbars working with us as it’s always nice to know that you’re going to be looked after properly.”

Why Fivebars? 

We have the ability to offer our customers different options and packages when it comes to their on-board entertainment, we can integrate things like CCTV, data capturing. Most importantly though, with personalised and unique landing pages, designed by us, you have the ability to offer sponsorship opportunities to any partners or business to ensure you can get a return in your investment. As we’re network independent we have the ability to explore different options to ensure that we meet any requirements. As the most trusted communications provider in the UK our customers know that we never shy away from any challenges and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure that our customers have a hassle-free experience with us.