The story

After some extensive and thorough research, we were approached by Transdev as they were, at the time, experiencing high costs from their WiFi units. One of the main reasons we even came into contention was due to the fact that the guys at Transdev had been told that we’re not network dependant and have a unique offering which has the ability save a substantial amount of money on their entertainment systems.

The brief

Update current passenger entertainment infrastructure by enabling their customers to surf the internet and access WiFi without any issues. Most importantly, explore cost saving options whilst not sacrificing any data plan agreements.

What happened next?

Our connectivity experts went away to asses Transdevs’ current passenegr WiFi offering and quickly realised that there is a huge saving to be made. As we’re not network dependant, we were able to do indepth network coverage check all of the operation areas and established that Vodafone were able to offer the same data package but at a significantly reduced price, in fact, with the new package that was put together Transdev are now able to save around £750 per month on their connectivity expenses.

The result?

All of Transdev’s customers have since experienced hassle-free connectivity on their journeys. Our customer has been able to use a solution that has since improved their operational efficiency and bond a stronger relationship with their customers, all whilst being able to save a substantial amount of money.

What does our customer think?

“It was great to see how knowledgeable the guys at Fivebars were when it came to Passenger WiFi, from start to finish Fivebars were really efficient in showcasing different options to us and we couldn’t believe how much money we were able to save. For us it was vital that the change of sim providers wouldn’t interrupt our customers and I must say the transition was incredibly smooth and our passenger have been able to enjoy our on-board entertainment with no disruptions!”

Why Fivebars?

As the leading provider for passenger WiFi, we have the ability to offer our customers different options and packages when it comes to their on-board entertainment. As we’re network independent we have the ability to explore different options to ensure that we meet and requirements. As the most trusted communications provider in the UK our customers know that we never shy away from any challenges and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure that our customers have a hassle-free experience with us.