Apple_SpamWe’re all fed up with the constant influx of spam emails to our work and personal email accounts. However, we’ve somehow managed to either ignore or unsubscribe from these spam emails without losing too much sleep over it.

There is one thing however that we’re all getting very frustrated by, and that is spam appointments on your iPhone calendars. There is light at the end of the tunnel though, Apple have announced that they’re tackling this inconvenient outbreak of spam!

Apple have announced that they are introducing a button that will allow users to report the junk appointments. This new magic button has been added to Apple’s site and is expected to be included in an iOS update soon.

One of the main reasons Apple have decided to create the spam button was mainly after the calendar app was heavily exploited this year around Black Friday.

If you were a ‘victim’ of these really irritating event invites, you know that even though at the time you thought the obvious conclusion was to simply delete the invites, you probably realised that, that exact move quite quickly backfired as it revealed that your account was live to the hackers. That meant that some people were receiving spam invites for fun, which let’s be honest, isn’t something anyone wants to endure. The spam invitations appear to come mainly from Chinese email addresses.

Before the introduction of the reporting system, many people fixed the problem by creating a second calendar only for spam. They moved all the junk invitations into that calendar and then deleted it.

The reporting button removes the junk invitations from a person’s calendar and lets Apple know about the message, the good thing is, the button will automatically appear on any invitations sent by people that are not part of your contacts.

There is one minor downside to the new spam filter, until iOS is updated, you have to manually visit and click to report any fake messages, however, the invitations will then disappear from your life forever.

Let’s hope that this new filter will be a further step towards a spam free world.