Telemetry is only effective if the response to the data is appropriate, data collected for its own sake is meaningless. The true power of this information lies in how it is interpreted and acted upon. Many fleet operators install telematics as a condition of their insurance or for operational benefits, yet few realise its true potential.

DRiiVE Intervention captures data from your telematics system and translates it into a digestible format, engaging your drivers directly to enable them to make any required improvements as well as being educated on certain aspects of their driving style. The data produces reports highlighting action points for your team to execute with the help of our experts. The DRiiVE app, is an integral part of the DRiiVE solution providing a seamless interaction between the pre-validation of the driver, the vehicle and ongoing risk management. 

The Process is simple!

The DRiiVE app provides drivers with regular impartial, non-confrontational and unbiased feedback regarding their driving behaviour. From remote monitoring to proactive intervention our team of experts ensure that your drivers are aware of their responsibilities and the consequences of not performing to the highest possible standards.

By understanding your fleet performance our DRiiVE experts work with your business, honing its practises to deliver excellence across the operation. Once best practice has been established, our DRiiVE experts will remain on hand to refine and adapt your intervention strategies as your business requirements change.

It’s designed to help you!

Fleet operators are at risk of custodial sentences if, in the event of a serious road traffic incident, blame can be apportioned to poor, or negligent fleet management.

Compliance and regulation of fleet operators is being increasingly tightened. DRiiVE helps fleet managers to implement robust processes, which significantly contribute to the effective management of safe and compliant fleets. Fleet managers have access to historical data, from which they can glean information on areas for improvement: this helps to facilitate the safe and responsible running of your fleet.

What next?

Our entire telematics package is designed for your convince, it’s a plug and play solution that enables you to make cost-saving changes to your overall fleet operation. The DRiiVE app is another part of the jigsaw, it helps your drives me more aware of their good and bad driving habits and from a fleet managers point of view it will provide you with valuable data that can be used to make any necessary improvements. If you’d like to find out more about our telematics solution and if you want to book a free demo, just get in touch and one of our experts will get in contact!