Have you ever been on a coach, or bus that offers free WiFi? Of course, you have! Have you ever been really excited about being able to use free WiFi whilst travelling or commuting? Of course, you have! Have you ever been really disappointed when you do finally connect to the free WiFi and it’s so slow that you can’t even tweet about it or post on Facebook to let everyone know how disappointed you are? Of course, you have!

Well, we’re pretty sure we know how we can reduce that feeling of disappointment! At this point you’re probably thinking a better WiFi unit, a faster connection or some sort of boost box and you’re not wrong, however, almost everything above couldn’t work properly if you don’t have an external antenna!

At this point you make think that we’re just making this up, but you hopefully once you’ve finished reading this blog, you’ll realise that we know exactly what we’re talking about!

We’ve met a lot of operators that are getting increasingly frustrated with their customers complaining about the WiFi speed and overall online user experience! You could of course argue that there are many different aspects that can affect the WiFi speed and you’d be 100% right, however, as an operator, you want to ensure that there are minimal issues with the WiFi experience you offer to your customers!

With the introduction of an external antenna any ongoing issues have more or less disappeared! Why and how you ask?  The answer is quite simple, 4G mobile sims that are used in coaches and buses are transmitting and receiving radio signals and are therefore subject to the rules of radio waves.

What that means is, if your 4G signal is trying to penetrate a metal structure like a bus or a coach it’s going to struggle a bit. In truth, any Wi-Fi unit installed on a bus or a coach without an external antenna won’t give passengers a great experience and let’s be honest we all know how frustrating it can be when you can’t get any signal on your personal mobile phone!

As we mentioned earlier, although an antenna is such a small part and it’s easy not to think about it, you as an operator will be pleasantly surprised once you have an external antenna installed!

At Fivebars, customer satisfaction is crucial so we will only install the very best WiFi units available the market and never without an external antenna. This way operators and passengers can be confident that their passengers will get the very best experience from their unit and their 4G network.

If you are operating coach or bus Wi-Fi currently without an external antenna, please give us a ring as we can definitely help improve your experience!