Although the weather isn’t really sure what to do at the moment, one thing that is fast approaching is the eagerly anticipated festival season! Whether you’re ‘young’ or not so ‘young’, we all know that feeling, the pre-jitter excitement of going camping with your best friends and seeing your favourite acts! However, as we’re all also aware, we love taking pictures and videos and posting them on social media to make sure that all your other mates that couldn’t make it can be even more jealous than they already were!

Facts are facts, after all!

On average 18-35 year old will carry £368 worth of tech, with almost a third carrying products worth £500 plus, almost five million 18-35 year olds are planning to book tickets to music festivals this year, carrying with them £1.8 billion worth of gadgets that are at risk of being stolen.

This is according to a survey by gadget insurer, which questioned 1,020 UK adults in this age bracket, with responses collected via CensusWide from May 25-27. The average festival goer will carry £368 worth of gadgets, with almost a third (30 per cent) packing tech worth more than £500, and 10 per cent packing more than £750. More than a third (36 per cent) who have been to a festival in the past three years have damaged (17 per cent), lost (16 per cent) or had a phone stolen (nine per cent). Almost half (45 per cent) of revellers admit to having left their gadgets unattended in their tents, with 17 per cent leaving headphones, 12 per cent leaving mobiles and one in ten leaving tablets or laptops.

Keep gadgets safe!

Around five million 18-35 year olds plan to hit a festival this season, either on home soil or overseas and, for many, it’ll be the highlight of the summer. But when you’ve had a few ciders, you’re up to your knees in mud, and living in a tent for a weekend, the risk to your valuables is higher. Keep your smartphone safe by not leaving it unattended in a tent or a car, and don’t store it in your back pocket when you’re in a crowd. To avoid the queues for battery charge points, take a portable charger or a cheap backup phone – just remember to share the number with your mates.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking, all of this makes sense, but when you’re at a festival, enjoying life the last thing you’re thinking about is any of the above! We do also have a very simply and probably most effective solution – insurance! That’s right, even though it doesn’t sound very exciting, it’s probably the safest way for you to completely let your hair down and enjoy yourself whilst singing along to your favourite tunes with your favorite people!