By now you’re probably familiar with the IoT concept, however, you may still be in the dark as to how you and your company can utilise all of the benefits of IoT. Luckily, we at Fivebars know exactly how to break it down for you. Below are our five top tips on how you can explore and use IoT within your business.

  1. Enhance your customer experience

IoT no longer is a product for the future, it’s a product of the here and now! More and more companies across the UK use IoT enabled devices that can connect directly into their customers ‘preferences and behaviours’. If you’re wondering what that means, we have the perfect example for you. Take Fitbit, as we’re all aware, your Fitbit tracks your steps, your running stats and heart rate amongst many other useful things. Not only is this information incredibly useful to you (the customer), but it allows Fitbit to get to know you better, which in turn allows for a much better and improved customer experience!

  1. Improve your productivity

Although it may sound strange, but it’s not all about speed, well not directly anyway! With IoT, you have the ability to get more done in less time. That means, with the help of the latest IoT developments you and your employees will be able to undertake and complete large-scale tasks with greater precision. Whether you need to look at big data, product orders, procurement processes, stock management or internal procedures, with the help of IoT you have the ability to manage multiple tasks and projects without losing control. When analysing your personalised data  you will very quickly realise how efficiently you can develop your productivity. Another major help factor of IoT is, fewer staff members, as you are able to scale operations in new areas that allow you to expand your business.

  1. You can work remotely

Some of us know the feeling of ‘living on the road’ all too well, we’re also aware of the stress that it can cause when it comes to the end of the week and you feel like all you’re doing is playing catch up! The IoT cloud has the ability to take away all that stress and open up new possibilities for you, especially if your business doesn’t directly deal with any physical inventory. With multiple devices, all wired into the same network, you and your employees can freely work remotely whilst being more connected than ever before! You will be able to accomplish new exciting tasks from remote locations by having the freedom of tapping into your smart devices in your office or other work locations.

  1. Develop your decision making

Strategic decision making is where you and your senior leadership team can identify the critical questions and answers, in order to continuously improve your business practises. Operational decision-making is where data and analytics are made available to everyone in the organisation, often via a self-serviced tools, to inform data-driven decision at all levels. The vast volumes of new and intelligent data from IoT sensors and devices are able help you with strategic and operational decision making to ensure that you’re always two steps ahead of your competitors.

  1. Create new opportunities

With Fivebars and all the benefits that IoT can offer you, you will soon realise that you will create new business opportunities for your business. Current and new customers will soon want things that they never needed before, they will want to make everything ‘smart’, they will expect more exciting and efficient products from you with each purchase that they make. With IoT you will give yourself a head start amongst your competitors, consumers will make you the first point of contact, so they too can be more efficient and have access to all the opportunities that IoT can provide them with.

As you can see, IoT has the ability to create opportunities for you that you may not have realised were possible and although it is a complex technology the outcome is quite simple, if you want to stand out amongst your competitors, IoT will allow you to reach new limits. With the help of our experts, we can show you exactly how to utilise IoT within your business, just get in touch and we’ll go from there!