Why IoT?

We think that, that is a great question and there are so many reasons as to why we at Fivebars believe that IoT is the future and indeed the present! However, at this stage we think it would be rude not to give you a quick overview of what IoT actually means and what it can actually do.

What is IoT?

Most of us have heard the term before, some of us know how much IoT can and will transform the way we operate! Though, there a few of us who aren’t really that familiar with the IoT concept. So, what does it actually stand for? IoT, stands for Internet of Things and it is a system of interrelated computing devices, or simply put, it is a concept of essentially connecting any everyday use devices with an ‘on or off’ switch to the internet, or even to each other.

They can be used in mechanical and digital machines, objects, people or in fact animals. In return you will be able to track, read and analyse data as each device, product, human and animal is fitted with a unique identifier code. All of this personalised data can then be transferred over a network, without any complications or human-to-human or indeed human-to-computer interaction!

For example, IoT technology can be found in heart monitors, animal biochip transponders, it can even be found in cars that have built-in sensors such as low tire pressure alerts. In fact, any natural and man-made object that has the functionality to have an assigned IP address will be able to transfer this unique and personalised data over a network.

How can IoT help me?

In simple terms, in the not too distant future, everything that can be connected will be connected! You might be asking yourself, why should you have everything connected to each other? There are endless benefits as to why you should have your devices connected so they can ‘communicate’!

For instants, your job may require a lot of traveling, most new cars will have access to your calendar and schedule. Which means, by the time you hit the road, your smart devices would have already calculated the best route for you to travel on, if you do end up in heavy traffic, with the help of IoT, automatic text messages or emails can be sent to the person your meeting to let them know that you’re running late! Another incredibly useful functionality IoT can provide you with is, it will allow you to track and share productivity and activity through your wearables, which can be very useful for any business owner or manager.

There are many ways IoT can help you in your everyday life, to the point of making sure the kettle is boiled so you don’t miss that priceless and much needed cup of tea when you wake up in the morning – if that isn’t helpful, we’re not sure what is!

Why Fivebars?

We at Fivebars always look at ways to simplify your method of communicating efficiently and we’re determined to cut costs for you as much as possible. With IoT all your current devices will have the ability to communicate with each other in ways that you’re not yet aware of. Our IoT experts will introduce and demonstrate how vital IoT technology can be to your organisation, so can concentrate on other things within your business.