Fivebars Mobile are delighted to announce that Louie Armstrong has been promoted to our new Sales Director. Louie has an exceptional track record when it comes to building strong and trusting relationships with his customers, his depth in knowledge across all different sectors is one of many key attributes that has allowed Louie to really excel in the industry.

Martin Murphy, Managing Director at Fivebars, is extremely thrilled about Louie heading up the sales department, he has nothing but praise for Louie, he said

“I’m delighted that Louie has accepted the position of Sales Director at Fivebars. Louie has been instrumental and a real role model to the rest of the team in driving high performance across all channels within the business, he certainly has set the bar very high.”

Over the years Louie has demonstrated outstanding leadership, his ability to work with his colleagues is outstanding, his trusting and respectful persona is one of many positives traits Louie demonstrates on a daily basis.

His appointment has definitely been a popular decision with the rest of the team, Dean Collett, one of Fivebars Business Development Executives said,

“Louie is a great role model, I’m continuously learning new things from him. I’m very excited for Louie and I’m sure he will be a great team leader to us”.

Louie was obviously delighted to accept his new role, “I am thrilled to be appointed as the new Sales Director at Fivebars. I am very much looking forward to combining my industry knowledge and experience with the rest of the team, as I’m sure with a combined effort we will continue to head in the right direction and we will continue to move the business forward”. There has certainly been a real energy boost within the sales department since his promotion and both Louie and Martin are confident that the team will continue to excel under this stewardship.