If you’re a tech geek you’ve probably heard and read all about Samsung’s plan to launch a foldable smartphone device, so we can only apologise for what we’re about to write.

If you haven’t heard about the concept and are a lover of anything tech, then this should get you very excited. The mythical phone / tablet / amazing bit of tech has been in the rumour mill for a little while now, however, it’s actually set to launch next year!

There are several rumours in regards to what this state-of-the-art smartphone is going to be called. Some reports say that it will be dubbed the “Winner” whereas more and more sources are pretty sure that Samsung will name it the “Galaxy X”.  Whether Samsung actually call it the Galaxy X remains to be seen, but from what we can gather it most probably won’t be called the Samsung Winner, as this is just a codename for it internally at Samsung, at the moment – but watch this space!

When can we expect it to be launched?

Though some people seem to think it could be at least announced in 2018, it looks very unlikely, mainly as you can probably imagine, it’s incredible expensive to produce and the last thing Samsung want to do is mess anything up on this project, which is fair enough!

So, the plan as it stands Samsung are aiming to announce the Galaxy X at CES 2019, or at the MWC 2019, either way if things work out we’ll know a lot more in the early part of 2019.

Though we think that they’ll use either trade show as an opportunity to tease us with a glimpse of what we can expect from the Galaxy X, and Samsung are probably going to use a separate occasion to launch and release their flagship, never seen before handset!

What is going to look like?

Good question, but rather than explaining it to you – why not just have a quick look at the image below.

What’s next?

Well, we can probably all agree that if Samsung manage to pull this one off, it’ll set a huge benchmark with their competitors! Take Apple for example, let’s ignore the fact that Samsung and Apple are continuously fighting over who stole what from who, if the Galaxy X delivers what it’s set out to, the tech boffins at Apple will have to work some overtime to come up with something even more special! Either way, we believe that the Samsung X is just another sign of the tech world we’re heading towards, which in our opinion, is an extremely exciting future.