Excited about the Football World Cup? Are you one of the lucky ones that is travelling over to Russia?

Although we don’t want to burst your bubble, but we thought we should just let you know about potential roaming charges that you could face.

According to uSwitch, anyone that’s out in Russia for the World Cup could potentially rack up a phone bill that’s as high as a family trip to the states.

The report says that people could end up having a bill worth around £4,000 (Yikes)! All of this is due to the fact that Russia aren’t actually part of the EU, which means that roaming charges are still in place.

If you’re out there following the England team, you could end up getting charged at an average of £4.37 per minute for any calls and data, which accumulates to around £50 for just 15 minutes.

Even with the ‘Roam Like Home’ rule in place the report says that one in five of us experience a high phone bill when in Russia, on average us Brits are having to pay £63 extra, simply because people forget to switch of their Data roaming on their handsets.

What can I do?

We’d always recommend to double check with us before you travel if there are any charges and if yes, what the charges are of your destination. It will take our team two seconds to check and set up any data caps or add on any relevant bolt-ons to your contract, if required.

So next time you’re off on holiday, just give us a call so we can help and provide you with any relevant information.