O2 have made an announcement and if you live in Scotland and are on O2 we’re about to make you smile!

Towards the end of 2017, O2 are aiming to provide their customers spread over 800 towns with 4G connectivity (see we told you we’re going to make you smile)! O2’s tech boffins have found a very innovative way to use the cold weather that will inevitably hit Scotland to their advantage!

Engineers across Inverness, Aberdeen and Ben Nevis have been hard at work and have been installing a range of different enhancing signal boosters with a state-of-the-art technology. This does also include a brand new shiny 50-meter mast, which by the way is the first fibre-connected small cell network capacity in the UK, this also includes another mast on top of Britain’s highest mountain!

This is just another step towards better connectivity that O2 have started to introduce at the beginning of the year to help them meet the ever-growing demand from their loyal customers. In fact, rumour has it that O2 have and are continuing to invest record breaking sums each day to improve and innovate their infrastructure in a push to, as claimed by the higher arci at the operator, cover over 98% of the UK outdoor population.

Fergus Ewing, O2’s connectivity secretary said: “Today’s announcement is an example of the substantial private sector investment in mobile rollout currently taking place in Scotland and represents an important step towards filling mobile coverage gaps across the country, connecting Scotland’s so-called ‘not spots’ to a fast and reliable mobile internet connection”.

You may find yourself wondering what this actually means? Simply put, you can now surf on the internet, check Facebook, stream Spotify or just check any of your news or weather apps, you will and now should be able to do that without any interruptions!

If you do live in Scotland and if you’re reading this and are keen to get some more info, just get in touch and a member of the team will be able to answer all your questions!