Microsoft Lumia (originally called the Nokia Lumia Series) have phased out Nokia and is now fully ‘Microsoft Window’ operated. But what does this mean? And more importantly, what does this mean for your business? 
Well, as Fivebars Mobile has discovered, there are plenty of reasons why businesses are turning to Lumia,  and these are mainly to do with managing and running your business more efficiently from your handset. 
Reason 1 – email management 
One of the main appeals of Lumia is that the Windows phone has both Microsoft Mobile Office and Outlook actually built in, as standard.  That means that managing your emails, word documents, spreadsheets and the like is really simple, with everything quite literally at your fingertips. 
Reason 2 – integration 
You can integrate your current Windows ecosystem with your mobile device.  The fab guys at in the Windows team offer support to identify your business needs and provide a plan and training. This can be done either remotely, or on-site. 

Reason 3 – security 
There is always a worry where security is concerned, especially with all the login details and passwords we have to have. So knowing that your systems and technology is bullet proof accounts for more than just peace of mind.  Clever in-built security means that you don’t have to worry; Windows has taken care of it for you.
Reason 4 – Personalisation 
Everyone wants to be able to personalise their smartphone to suit their business needs. Apps at the ready, a synced-up calendar. Personalise your start screen with all the tools that you need, each and every day. 
Reason 5 – MDM 
Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables you to access resources from anywhere. And, it monitors activity to ensure that corporate resources don’t fall into the wrong hands. 
Doing your job, managing your time, and being more efficient are essentials to anyone who works. Having the right smartphone can certainly make all the difference. Technology is fast evolving and Lumia is definitely ideal for the business market. 
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