If you are one of the thousands people who rely on their mobile phones, then you will know how crucial it can be if you realise your phone has been stolen. Many people use their mobiles for business, to keep in contact with friends/family, to store precious memories and to keep a calender. We have the official list of top tips on how to protect your phone from theft!

1. Keep an eye on your phone- especially on a night out!
We all know how hectic a night out can be, therefore, remember to not leave your phone unattended, or keep your phone in an insecure bag (Such as a bag with no zip or easily accessible). At all times, make sure your phone is in a secure place.

2. Keep an eye on your surroundings.
If you are in a busy place, make sure that your phone is not hanging out of your pocket, or perhaps in your hand. It can be misconceiving how easily your phone can be taken. Ensure that your phone is in a secure place, especially when in over crowded places such as shopping centres.

3. Find out your IMEI number and keep it safe.
Each phone number will have an individual number which can be found on the inside of the handset or on the phone box. Ensure that you keep this number safe, therefore, in the case of your phone being stolen you will be able to report the individual number. No two IMEI numbers are the same.

4. Always have a pass lock on your phone and make sure that you select ‘erase data’ after a certain amount of attempts.
Pass locks are a very good idea on how to keep the contents of your phone safe and secure. While the reliability of the ‘face unlock’ has been scrutinised, we strongly believe the most secure pass lock is an alphanumeric number. This will consist of upper and lower case letters as well as numbers. Make sure that your pass lock number is something not too obvious, therefore, in the case that your phone is stolen then it is very unlikely the recipient will be able to unlock your phone.

5. Never leave your phone in your car unattended.
We have all been in the situation when we are popping out of the car for a very short space of time. However, it is also very quick for someone to take your phone from your car when you are not there. Please ensure that your phone is kept out of sight and never keep it in plane sight if you are not in the vehicle.

6. Make sure that you spread your valuables around your person.
Ensure that your valuables are not all kept in the same place. For example, keep your keys in one pocket, your phone in your bag and your keys in another pocket. This will mean that if someone takes your possessions you will not loose all of your valuables.

7. Ensure you property mark your phone with your house number and postcode.
In the event of your phone being stolen, and someone is kind enough to wish to return it to you, they will be able to at least track you down to be able to return it to you. We recommend you write it on a piece of paper and perhaps keep it under your phone case.

8. Lastly, if your phone has been stolen, ensure you report it to your network and the police as soon as possible. The network will be able to cut off the phone so that it will be no use to the person who took your phone.

Following the above tips you should manage to keep your phone secure.


Millie Hebbard
Customer Service- Fivebars Mobile