Hosted VoIP, hosted IP, hosted PBX, VoIP – whatever you want to call it – voice over the internet is a revolutionary technology turning a simple internet connection into a fully functional phone system.

The traditional network (ISDN) will cease to exist in 2025 and with a traditional PBX generally having a 10 year lifespan now is the time to be looking into hosted technology.

The question is no longer IF? but WHEN?

With many VoIP providers offering free hardware, unlimited UK minutes on a OPEX model there has never been a more compelling argument for hosted VoIP. It can be a bit of a minefield though, with many providers claiming to be different but seemingly offering the same equipment and service. Well, in truth they are all very similar, the difference is in the functionality of the service and of course the price. Keep in mind that quality can only be controlled by the speed of your internet connection.

I feel it is important to choose a provider with an easy to use/intuitive management platform. This will allow you to change things from the basics such as the name that shows on a users phone to the more complex tasks such as Hunt Groups or Time of Day Routing. You will be surprised at the level of control you can have on your phone system, without it being confusing. Some of these portals can offer you reporting which can be useful for a call centre or sales management.

With the minimum requirement being 1 and the maximum in the 1000’s hosted technology truly caters for all businesses. Allowing complete flexibility and accurate budgeting.

As a telecoms consultant I feel it is important for me to have a number of options available to allow me to offer a true consultancy service. If you would like a recommendation from someone who has a broad view of the market please get in touch.

Louie –