If you’re an Apple fan then you’ll probably have the latest version of the iPhone, you’ve probably stood in line to purchase the most recent iPad Air, and you’re probably on the lookout for any news about next generation technology that the brand might have up their sleeve. But, if Apple launched it’s own high-priced fashion wear would you be tempted? 
Apple watch 
Nope, this isn’t the hashtag given to the latest OS from Apple HQ, it is in fact an actual watch. This wearable gadget is being deemed as more than just a smartphone, and is tipped as a high-end fashion statement. Karl Lagerfeld and Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour have even had a private unveiling to showcase the watch from a fashion perspective. 

It’s thought that the potential adoption of the Apple Watch, once it hits mainstream purchase, won’t purely be about men either. Research found that women would consider buying one for themselves too and are excited about the idea of a smartphone watch that looks and feels like a real watch. 
They are, of course, set to be extremely pricey and a gold version has been in talks also. Will it be another fail like Google Glass? It remains to be seen. But keep an eye out in spring 2015 for the release of the Apple Watch (#AppleWatch)
We’d love to hear your thoughts on the concept of fashionable technology.  Would you purchase it? Do you like the idea of wearable technology? At Fivebars Mobile we’re always interested in the latest technological advances, especially if it means you can make a call by using your wrist wear!