Your mobile phone is more than just a device to speak to your colleagues on, to respond to emails and to check your diary.  It’s a device that enables you to talk to your clients directly, to find out more about what your customers want from you.  We’re talking about social media. 
Social media is an extremely powerful tool.  Much like your mobile phone, no longer is it a ‘nice to have’ it’s a ‘must have’. Using social media for your business is a vital part of your marketing strategy and by ensuring you have access to your social media accounts through your mobile phone, you can always stay on top of what your customers are saying about you.
This is the best place to start.  Shifting focus from old fashioned press advertising and printed material, to having a Facebook page means that you can directly interact with your customers.  Small businesses should not be ignoring social media.  It enables people to really engage and to share what they think and feel.  Qualitative data rather than quantitive . 
And, by downloading the Facebook app, you can manage your business Facebook page directly from your mobile phone. 
Twitter is an ideal social tool for helping to expand your business. Tweet something of value and you will soon see your Twitter following grow.  Many businesses are now able to track their social media referrals and have seen an increase the more they’re interacting with their customers. 
Download the app today. 

Another great tool is Instagram.  If you’re business is very product focused then this is the ideal social media network to utilise.  Taking images of your products and sharing them, with the relevant hashtags of course, will help to boost your profile.  Making sure you have a phone with a decent camera is essential. 
Setting up an Instagram account takes just a few simple steps but it could really change the way you do business.   

Having a LinkedIn profile that you can access at your fingertips means you can stay on top of your contacts and start to expand your network.  All that time traveling between meetings and on business trips can be put to good use by making the most of your social media apps. 
Want to see who’s talking about you and what they’re saying? Use your mobile phone to keep on top of your social media activity and to really engage and interact with your audience.  It’s important to make sure you have a phone plan that includes data usage, otherwise you could find yourself with a hefty bill. 
Speak to us at Fivebars Mobile to find out how we can get you a price plan that suits you and your business needs.