Last week’s Mobile World Congressin Barcelona saw over 93,000 visitors, from 200 countries. So much went on that it would be impossible to cover everything in one blog post, but we’ve trawled through all the product launches, all the speeches, and all the awards, to bring you the best of the best of MWC15.


With rumours of Apple’s now-launched ‘iWatch’ doing the rounds in the run up to MWC, both Huawei, and LG debuted their upcoming wearable devices.

Huawei offered their latest Android Wear watch, with circular display, text, email, and phone call notifications, and a number of fitness features. They also demoed the TalkBand B2 and TalkBand N1, which they say are designed for the business-person on the run. The TalkBand B2 received somewhat mixed reviews for its ability to be transformed into a Bluetooth earpiece.

LG launched two watches, the LG Watch Urbane, and the Watch Urbane LTE. The Urbane is stylish, and has a look which many find competitive with designer watches – for those who have, thus far, found the wearable device market to be somewhat lacking in beauty. It also claims a longer battery life than any Android Wear device to date.

The LTE, due to its mobile payment capability, uses webOS rather than Android Wear. It was perhaps a little early for both devices to be presented, but LG knew this, and gambled that getting something out there would be better than nothing, in order to have a chance of competing with Apple.


IBM announced that they have come up with another three iOS apps to add to the ten released last year, as part of their partnership with Apple.

RefMe – an app that has intrigued the Fivebars team for some time now – won best British mobile startup for its free student referencing app. Look out for more on this in an upcoming blog post about some of the best apps for students and academics.

There’s also a new messaging app – YO! – already available on Android devices. It may seem to many to be an already saturated market, but YO!’s offline capabilities make it a potentially major player in the likes of Bangladesh (where it was beta-tested), where limited data plans and slow connections mean that file-sharing isn’t as quick and easy as it is in the west.


MWC15 saw the 20thAnnual Global Mobile Awards, at which over 35 awards were given out in different categories. The phones that stood out were the Apple iPhone 6, and the LG G3 – joint winners of “Best Smartphone” as well as the Motorola Moto E, winner of “Best Low-Cost Smartphone.” Unsurprisingly it was the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge which won “Best New Handset, Tablet, or Device.”

Honourable mention

As a company who specialise in finding the best mobile phone deal for our business customers, we are always on the lookout for anything that might streamline our work day. As such, IKEA wins our award! Beginning next month, the Swedish furniture company will be selling lamps and tables with Qi wireless charging pads – meaning no more wires everywhere to trip over.