Passenger WiFi is no longer just about allowing your customers to connect to the internet, there’s so much more to it! When looking at connectivity we have very high expectations. As much as being able to connect to our social media channels or watching something on our favourite streaming platforms is still prevalent, connectivity from an operators point of view has moved on far beyond that!

As operators, your expectations are probably even higher compared to your customers’, as one of your main aim is to offer outstanding service to your current and new customers. Customers are still at the forefront of everything you offer as an operator, however, there has been a slight shift in that regard, looking after driver safety and all-around vehicle condition is becoming just as important! You now won’t be able to ignore things like driver safety, fuel consumption, speeding, geo-fencing, idling and things like that, in short, you will need to be able to have a clear oversight on your entire fleet.

This is where we come in!

We offer a total solution that enables you to have complete control and oversight of your entire fleet. This solution will still give you the ability to control things from an end-users point of view i.e. your customers but it will now also give you unique data about your fleet and drivers at any given time through our intuitive online portal. Our plug and play package combines both passenger entertainment and telematics into one place, allowing you to plan, learn and develop new strategies for your business.

How we help you!

We are able to provide you with industry-leading connected fleet technology, ranging from hardwired/plug-in black box telematics, remote access CCTV and driver behaviour management solutions. Our technology enables fleet operators to reduce their occupational road risk, which contributes significantly to road incidents and fleet running costs. By implementing our telematics and camera devices to increase fleet safety our clients have experienced saving in fuel, maintenance and reductions on insurance premiums. Our system also integrates with things like CANbus and allows you to plan your routes ahead of time with our road care solution.

Our telematics and passenger entertainment solution combines into one total package, allowing you to have full control. With this unique combination, you will stand out from the crowd, offer your customers’ first-class entertainment and you will have the ability to make cost-saving changes to your fleet operations all whilst identifying new revenue streams. For more information, or if you have any questions just get in touch and a member of our passenger WiFi team will be on hand to help.