You may not have come across Doro before, however, the Swedish manufacturer is probably about to change your opinion on rugged smartphones. The 820X is set to launch later this month and it promises to be revolutionary handset for Doro and their target audience!

Who is the target audience?

The 820X is designed for lone workers, it’s has many new features, for example, it’s equipped alarm button which can be used to alert employees in case of an emergency. You will also be able to link your handset to the Doro Alarm Application (DAA), which will allow you to link your device with the cloud. You as the employer will also have access to check on the status of each device and the current location of your staff through the DAA. Doro have also enabled employees to set up notifications that will be sent through to their employer so they know where they are throughout the day. Ever since the launch of the DAA, the user number increased by thousands over the last year.

What are the features and specs?

One brilliant new feature that the Doro 820X now has is the pairing function for the Doro 3500 wristband. This bonus feature will allow the user to trigger the phone’s alarm remotely by pressing a switch on the 3500 wearable. This is just one of many incredible added extras that allow the six million lone workers in the UK to be more remote throughout their working day.

This smartphone will operate on Android Marshmallow, has a 8GB of internal memory which can be expanded to 12GB with external SD card and it will be equipped with a 3,000mAh battery.

The 820X is the affordable solution!

Doro MD, Chris Millington thinks that the 820X will really make a difference, speaking to Mobile News he said: “I really think we can differentiate in rugged smartphones which I see as huge market for Doro.” DAA will offer something unique. A lot of rugged handsets on the market are expensive, whereas the pricing of the 820X and DAA offers a reliable and affordable solution. “DAA makes it easy for companies to ensure their employees are safe and its proven success shows it is reliable.”

We think that this rugged new smartphone could really make a difference to the busy lifestyle lone workers live each day. Let’s be honest, as a lone worker, you will need to rely on a device that won’t make your life anymore hectic or unnecessarily complicated. The only question that remains is, when are you going to order a Doro 820X?