With Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and all the other big smartphone brands continuously making the headlines, we sometimes forget about all the other smartphones or mobile devices that are out there! Take rugged smartphones for instants, do you know anything about them?

For example, did you know that the rugged mobile phone industry is set to double in size by 2021? Figures from CCS Insight in 2016 revealed worldwide shipments of 25 million rugged phones and this is projected to reach 59 million come 2021 – impressive right?

What is a rugged phone?

In short, you can buy three different types of rugged phones on the market today:

  • Semi-rugged
  • Fully-rugged
  • Ultra-rugged

Semi-rugged is often referred to as business rugged. A business-rugged device likely has all the same components as you’d find in a non-rugged model, but those components are often better protected. For instance, you’d likely find a spill-resistant keyboard on a laptop and a thicker case.

Fully-rugged devices are often tested to withstand various military grade specifications, meaning these smartphones and tablets can withstand extreme temperatures. They can be dropped and are impervious to water or dust. In a fully-rugged laptop, for instance, you’ll likely find a solid state drive, instead of a mechanical hard drive. For those on a construction site, these devices are likely to be sufficient to your needs.

Ultra-rugged laptops, tablets and smartphones tend to cost more than the rest. But that’s because they are designed to withstand the absolute worst conditions. These models can hold up to a sandstorm or blizzard. These are pretty much indestructible.

Are they actually useful?

Let’s not forget what the main point of a phone like this is, and that’s to ensure it can withstand anything so you can carry on with your job without having to lock your phone away in a safe place everytime you go to work. Take a construction company, for example, with a competent mobile system in place it will allow each employee to use their rugged device on multiple sites, conditions and much more, as these devices are often built for multiple shift purposes. With things like replaceable batteries, multi-charging docks, and other relevant accessories allowing use across multiple people in multiple environments per day rugged phones are designed and tested to work together, under tough conditions. Though some rugged phones don’t have the look and feel of a brand new iPhone or Samsung – you still have the ability to do everything that you want to do on a modern day smartphone.

Is what you see is what you get?

There is a relatively wide range of rugged phones, which means that there’s an array of features available. Aside from the obvious and expected things you want your phone to do, you will still have access to all of your social media platforms, messenger apps and on some of the phones you even have the ability to watch live and catch up TV – including BT Sport, Sky Sports, BBC iPlayer and much more. The best-rugged smartphones will also offer extra features to distinguish themselves from the rest of the competition; some have infrared camera functionality, others have sound level meters and even VOC (volatile organic compound) detectors.

Are you convinced yet?

As you can see, rugged phones may not get the limelight they deserve, however, they definitely should! Not only are they so much more cost-effective, but they’re also incredibly reliable. Whether you’re a lone-worker or you run a construction company, rugged phones are ideal for your work lifestyle. Each phone can offer you something different all whilst not losing touch with the outside world, even if you drop it or it falls into a puddle. If you think a rugged phone is exactly what you need, then get in touch and one of our experts can answer any questions you may have.