Our Head of Marketing Jerry Alfandari has been on at me for some time about posting an article about IOT.

I have spent some time procrastinating about it, there is currently so much information circulating the web. I don’t simply want to be another “What IOT can do for you” article. To combat this, I’m going to discuss what IOT means for me and the sales team at Fivebars and of course, where we fit into the puzzle.

IOT to me is a term much like ‘The Cloud’ was when it was first announced. Almost everyone will have had exposure to it by now, whether you have heard of a bespoke application for smart metering or have seen the latest Vodafone commercial with the V bag and now the V pet. With many technology experts claiming that IOT is the future what does that mean for Fivebars?

Our sales team are typically selling products and services that the end user is already using or knows they have a requirement for it. We solve a problem that a customer has by selling a solution that will fix that problem.

The challenge with IOT is more often than not it will solve a problem that the end user didn’t know they had. As a sales team we need to be astute at identifying areas that we can make efficiencies, work closely with the marketing team to build awareness and consult with industry experts. Far detached from our typical method.

We have spent a lot of time in the background developing our strategy and upskilling the sales team to ensure we are ready to approach the market. It was key for me not to just approach the market as a sim provider offering to cut costs. We have a revolutionary management facility to enable our IOT customers to manage their estate simply and efficiently.

It won’t be easy, nor will it be a quick win. But it will be rewarding and it is definitely the future.