Our bus, marine & coach WiFi services

As a transport provider, you always want to offer your customers first class service, comfort, reliability and flexibility. The thousands of commuters, happy holiday makers or students that embark on their daily journey will need to be able to rely on one major thing, connectivity. Being able to offer your customer free WiFi will make their journey more efficient and enjoyable.

Whilst offering reliable passenger Wi-Fi connectivity the software we supply also features an ‘Accessory Channel’, which will give you the opportunity to promote your other services and capture Passenger information for further marketing. You will also have full CCTV coverage which you can monitor remotely adding security for your operators and passengers.

We offer a state-of-the-art on-board WiFi system that is compact, reliable and powerful! Below is an overview of what our cost-effective passenger WiFi systems offers to make you stand out amongst your competitors.

  • Passenger WiFi

  • Passenger Information

  • Vehicle Connectivity

  • Advertising Opportunities

  • Real-Time Information

  • Eco Driving

  • Fleet Management

  • Safety and Security

  • Telematics

  • Branded Landing Pages

  • 4G Connectivity

  • Lifetime Warranty

How does on-board WiFi actually work? Take a look below, this should answer some of your questions.


If you want the latest bespoke WiFi technology for your transport company, you’ve come to the right place! Our experts will provide the best solution for your business.

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