Our Telematics services

We offer a total Telematics solution to our customers, which includes GPS Tracking, Mobile Asset Management and Driver ID functionalities. This unique data is reported in real-time and allows any Fleet Manager to track their data for an unlimited amount of vehicles, drivers (Driver ID), using the very latest mapping and satellite imaging technology. The solution that we offer is an intuitive, easy to use a reporting system that can be customised to your needs. Amongst a wide range of functionalities, it will enable you to get instant or scheduled alerts and reports at any point in time.

Why do I need it?

Whether your drivers are on the road or parked, you will be able to pinpoint their exact location using any device as long as you are connected to the internet. Using the most bespoke and up-to-date GPS technology, you will be able to monitor all driving logs, routes, fuel usage, maximum speed restrictions and much more.

Our customers have to ability to track full telematics data, an unlimited amount of vehicles, drivers, by using the very latest mapping and satellite imaging technology, from a single vehicle to groups of vehicles.

How we help!

Our Telematics solution is an innovative system that gives you control of managing and monitoring your fleet of vehicles. With personalised portals available 24/7 you will have real-time access whenever and wherever needed to check on your drivers and your vehicles’ ‘health’.

Our Secure web-based portal is intuitive and easy to use, with a customisable reporting system. Providing instant or scheduled alerts and reports at any time. It is designed to be a discreet plug and play solution with both GPS units or Hardwire devices are available.

The Fivebars online portal can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world. It will give you personalised, bespoke and unique data. Some of the features in your online portal include:

  • Live CCTV remote access
  • Location Reports and journey reports
  • Vehicle Collision or G-Force Impact Incident reports
  • Business and private mileage reports
  • Journey cost and journey efficiency reports
  • Smart Driver scoring
  • Speed Distribution and speed limit reports
  • Remote output activation report (immobilisation etc)
  • Access to a single and multiple drivers and vehicle alerts

As part of our remote Telematics solution, your team or drivers will have the ability to improve and keep an eye of their driving style, fuel consumption, driver score and much more. The app is designed to enable each driver to help reduce costs, keep them up-to-date on their overall vehicle health and have instant access to any historical events on their driving style or car at any point. The app is a plug and play solution which connects to each car via Bluetooth.

For more information, the team is always ready to answer any questions and demonstrate how your business can benefit from our solution.

Find out how our state of the art telematics solution can help your business!

With an array of products, vehicle tracking can be very beneficial for your business. You will be able to live-track any of your vehicles nation-wide at any time.

A Telematics solution suited for any business