Our VoIP solution


Whether you are a new business or one that’s been around for a while, you can upgrade to Fivebars Voip without any fuss providing you have a robust broadband connection. Once this has been established, the new system will offer you all the benefits and functionality of your traditional phone system but with additional benefits that aren’t possible with copper wire like appearing local while working from anywhere in the world and taking your phone system on to your mobile device with full call recording! We can offer solutions for just one business user right up to 100,000 users.

Don’t forget that analogue ISDN is being discontinued soon, much like analogue TV was a few years ago and when Germany turned theirs off in January this year, many businesses although forewarned weren’t ready for it and it caused widespread panic and massive disruption to their businesses.

Fivebars VOIP is a really simple way of bringing your telecoms up to date with a futureproof solution that changes with the landscape so your telecoms are always cutting edge. We have many case studies that prove by switching to Fivebars Voip, you will save time and money. Fivebars expert team of support and engineers will ensure that your transition is smooth and there will be no disruption to your business.


If you’re looking for a powerful, professional VoIP system that is customised to your business needs, give our experts a call today.

Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get