It may have taken Sony some time, but the eagerly awaited Xperia XZ Premium has finally been released to the market. This smartphone is a genuine flagship device, not only does it boast a market-leading 4K display, it also has the latest high-end power under the hood! As one can imagine, the Xperia XZ Premium does of course come with Sony’s professional photography heritage. But are these accolades enough to make the XZ Premium stand out in a crowd of excellent flagship smartphones?

We certainly think it does and we think that you might just agree with us once you’ve finished reading this article.


Let’s start with the most noticeable aspect of the smartphone, design. The first glance Sony Xperia XZ Premium’s front panel will remind you of other recent Xperia smartphones. However, this one comes with its own distinct identity, as it also bears a ‘glass loop surface’ that is quite reflective. Also on the front is the 2.5D curved glass panel with Gorilla Glass 5 protection. Interestingly, those are, for the most part, accolades shared by HTC, LG and Samsung’s latest flagships, and the iPhone 8 leaks are leaning in that direction too.

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium follows the design principle of its Xperia siblings to have a fingerprint sensor embedded on the power button on the right panel of the smartphone. Below are the volume rockers. This kind of setup was last seen on Sony Xperia XZs and Xperia Z5.

Other things to take note of:


Xperia Actions

The Xperia XZ Premium pays attention to the little things you do, like turning on silent mode when needed. It then starts adjusting its settings automatically, so you always get an easy and convenient experience from your phone.

Smart Stamina

Smart Stamina understands how you use power throughout the day, and will make sure you don’t run out of battery before the day is over. The Xperia XZ Premium even optimizes your charging to ensure you have reliable all-day battery throughout the life of your phone.

What do we think?

Our verdict, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium really is one stunning smartphone! There may not be a huge change in regards to the exterior, however, we’re convinced that Sony’s flagship device will do everything it’s set out to do, if not more! Will the Xperia XZ Premium be able to compete with the big boys (Samsung and Apple), well that remains to be seen, but we’re pretty confident that it will give a right go!