More and more fleet operators are interested in implementing telematics to their fleet, but some still share the same issue, which is convincing the boardroom to make the investment! There are some decision-makers that don’t really see the value in telematics, they struggle to see how they can get any ROI back from using it.

Telematics literally has the power to transform the way your fleet operates, with unique data from state of the art technology. Telematics often reports significant saving in areas such as insurance, fuel and overall running costs, though some fleet operators have also seen a gigantic positive reduction in risks and increased productivity.

Driver safety and productivity

As much as we talk about cost-savings, let us not forget about the people that actually have to drive your vehicles, as having all of the technology in the world won’t be effective if your drivers can’t benefit from it. So how can you encourage ‘safer driving’ through telematics? Well, we believe that there are three reasons that will make all the difference when it comes to the overall safety of your drivers and assets.

Identify, training, education – in other words, the data that you capture through our telematics software will allow you to identify an individual or a group of drivers that may need training on particular elements of their job, it will also help you identify which type of coaching is required to help them improve their overall driving style. Our software can be configured to record a variety of events such as harsh acceleration, sudden braking or hard cornering, all manoeuvres which increase the risk of a collision.

The power of positive driver behaviour influence – Our system will provide drivers and fleet operators with visual reminders and/or alerts to let them know that they are being ‘monitored’ by sending real-time alerts to give instant feedback to drivers on their performance. All fleet managers will also have access to all of this relevant data, as our online portal can be accessed from anywhere from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Positive competition, everybody wins – harnessing the competitive spirit of drivers can be used to encourage them to improve their performance. Data recorded through our telematics system can be used to produce league tables, with rewards such as gift vouchers available for the best performers. In essence, you will know what works best for your drivers, however, setting short or long-term goals will only help improve the driving style of your drivers.

How about those cost-saving claims?

As mentioned above, being able to track, record and monitor your fleet will give you a strong insight into your fleets fuel consumption, however, with the added bonus of our Driver ID solution, you will be able to identify driving patterns and take the required action to any negative behaviours so you and your drivers can lower potential risks, improve operational performance and most importantly reduce maintenance cost. As a result of deploying our Driver score solution, our customers have been able to:

  • Reduce insurance costs by 30%
  • Cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 20%
  • Curtail maintenance costs across an entire fleet

Why Fivebars?

We offer a total Telematics solution to our customers, which includes GPS Tracking, Mobile Asset Management, Driver ID functionalities and much more. This unique data is reported in real-time and allows any Fleet Manager to track their data for an unlimited amount of vehicles, drivers (Driver ID) by using the very latest mapping and satellite imaging technology. Our Telematics solution is an innovative package that gives you full control of managing and monitoring your fleet of vehicles. With personalised portals available 24/7 you will have real-time access whenever and wherever needed to check on your drives and overall vehicle ‘health’. If you want to find out more and book a free demo, just get in touch and a member of the team will be on-hand to answer any of your questions.