On Friday 30 November the Fivbars five took part of the Big Iusse’s Big Sleep Out. The Event was held at St. Mary’s Stadium, with European and Commonwealth 400m champion Iwan Thomas, amongst a great group of other people sleeping in the Itchen stand and concourse.

This event is the latest development in an already successful partnership between the two organisations.

Partnering up in August 2017, Southampton Football Club and The Big Issue joined forces to provide employment opportunities for Big Issue vendors in the local community, as well as other participants from Saints Foundation’s programmes who have faced some of life’s biggest challenges, including homelessness, drug and alcohol misuse and mental health issues.

We’re just approaching the festive period of this calendar year and Christmas is all about being with your family and loved ones and sadly not all of us have the opportunity to do just that, which is one of the main reasons why we have decided to show our support on Friday night. The guys from the Big Issue and the Saints Foundation really managed to bring all of us together, we had the opportunity to build our own den, we were shown how and what the best way is to keep warm through this time of year.

One of the Fivebars five, Kevin, a local lad himself hopes that having done the Big Sleep Out will allow people to really understand what it’s like for people who do not have a home to go to over this time of year: “This time of year we are all turning on our central heating and cuddling up with each other in front of the TV. Homelessness is increasing in the UK.  I feel that it is important to support charities such as The Big Issue and The Saints Foundation to support those who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having no shelter.”

Take a look below to see how the guys got on Friday.