For most of us being on-the-go for the majority of our working lifes has become just part of lives, which means there is one major thing that you need to be able to rely on, reliable connectivity!

Imagine this, you’re then having to Google an address as you’ve forgotten the where you need to go to your next meeting and your results pop up within a blink of an eye, well, soon you won’t have to imagine that exact scenario as the UK are majorly close to introducing 5G to us.

We’ve heard that before, so when is it actually coming?

After some trials across the UK it has now been confirmed that most networks are aiming to roll 5G out to their customers, all major networks are currently undergoing various tests and will continue to do so throughout 2018, with the first 5G-ready smartphones expected to be released early next year. That means super-fast mobile streaming is not too far away, which is pretty exciting as 5G networks will open up endless opportunities to you!

What’s the difference between 4G and 5G?

You may be asking yourself, is there actually any need as you’re pretty happy with what 4G has to offer. Before we get carried away and start throwing complicated equations and maths at you (mainly because we’re not mathematicians and wouldn’t know what to say), we’ve got a simple explanation for you . Essentially, although it’s almost obvious, 5G is going to so much faster than 4G, so much so that high-speed fibre broadband will probably seem sluggish.

The minimum expectation for download speeds of 10Gbps, is supposed to be 1000x faster than 4G, which will enable you to download an entire HD film in under 10 seconds, which is pretty amazing!

Will my coverage improve?

The short answer is, yes it will and that’s because, 5G is intended to give you 100% coverage, improving the quality, speed and predictability for each user. Of course, that will not be available nationwide at launch, and it may take a while for it to be available nationwide, however, the aim is to roll it out to as many counties as possible.

What do I do now?

You haven’t got to wait long, that’s for sure! One thing that is almost guaranteed, the way you and we work once 5G is launched will change – not only because we can watch Designated Survivor on Netflix at work (without the boss catching you), it will allow everyone to work so much more efficiently! For now, watch this space and keep an eye out on our website for any updates, because once 5G is live, it will revolutionise your working life!