With BT confirming the shut down of ISDN2 and ISDN30 by 2025 we have to ask, where now for business voice lines?


SIP has now now established itself as the default replacement for ISDN. The question of quality has been squashed by the advancements in business broadband technology. With instant provisioning, numbering and much lower rental costs, not to mention free calls.

In recent months we have seen a significant shift in the trend towards hosted telephony where in the past we would have installed on premise PBX. We are now deploying hosted into larger requirements on a regular basis, the technology used to be popular with smaller organisations.

Whilst SIP line functionality over ISDN is great, the options offered by cloud hosted telephony really pull all of Voice Over IP’s features into one place.


Hosted gives companies the power to become self-sufficient with monitoring their own communications through an online portal, as well as having portal based administration and live configuration should any issues arise. Cloud Hosted systems have no need for on site equipment installation (apart from handsets) so installation charges are negligible compared to more traditional PBX deployments. In addition, hosted systems are pay per seat per month commercial models with flexible system scaling for any changes in employee numbers.

The Future

With cloud based telephony it is difficult to predict where it might go in the future. We are already seeing deployments on a global scale with integrated mobile and video calling technology. One thing is for sure, as the technology has now moved out of the dark ages we can expect to see some fantastic advancements over the coming years. The beauty of this is that as hosted is on a pay monthly model you will always be kept up-to-date with the latest software and hardware.

Watch this space!