Is there ever a moment in your day when you are without your mobile phone? Probably not.  We use our mobile phones for calling, texting, listening to music, making reservations, shopping and even to help us stay on top of things.  You can often forget that there is a whole world of apps out there; some to entertain us, some to help us find what we’re looking for, and others to help us run our lives. 
At Fivebars Mobile we are big advocates of anything that helps to organise our life better, which is why we have picked the top five iPhone apps that will help you to stay focused and get things done.  Stop procrastinating now …
No need to carry an old school notebook around with you, Evernote is the perfect way to create notes and ideas.  Whether you need to keep notes on family life and things you need to do to work projects or inspirational thoughts, Evernote lets you keep them in one place. This means that your notes, ideas and even research are all to hand on one clever app. 
This nifty project management tool enables you to create areas for your projects, to-do lists and even calendars that you can share with others.  Ideal for work as everything is in one place and email notification means you always know what is going on at any given time.  Basecamp will even give you a daily round-up of what has happened in each of your active projects. Check it out! 
Remember the milk 
Great name, huh? This is a task management app that helps you to create lists, share tasks, share with your Google calendar and to ensure you never forget anything, including the milk. 

Tired of searching for all your different passwords for every bank account, app or even social media account you have? Then 1Password is for you.  With security being its number one priority, you only need to worry about logging in to this app in order to have all your passwords at your fingertips. 
Want to keep on track with your accounts and records? This clever, free app means that you can track your income and expenses and help you manage your tax better.  Ideal for small businesses, start-ups and the self-employed. 
There are so many different apps out there to choose from, so go find the ones that are right for you.  You’ll be amazed at how much more power that mobile phone has now.