Top secret: helpful iPhone secrets and shortcuts 

Your iPhone that sits in your pocket or your handbag is a clever device.  No longer do we need to carry our laptops, cameras, iPods and other gadgets to work with us, it all sits neatly in one pocket sized phone.  But, you may not realise the full potential of your iPhone.  So, here are a few little secrets and shortcuts from us, here at Fivebars Mobile, to help you unleash its power. 

Keyboard trickery 

Tired of tapping the caps lock key whenever you want to type?  Did you know that if you tap it twice you can type in capitals to your heart’s content? So, if you really need to type an angry text or email you can do so with ease. 

Simple shortcut 

If you head to settings/general/keyboard you can create your own shortcuts.  If you have particular phrases that you use all the time but are fed up with having to auto correct it or shorten in then tell your phone and it will continue to do it for you.  So, rather than typing see you soon or be right back you can tell your phone to ‘sys’ or ‘brb’.

Get more from your camera 

The + volume button will take a picture for you, did you know that? Turn your camera to landscape and hit the + volume button and ‘snap’, your photo has been shot. You can also enhance your photos by using your iPhones own enhancement tools.  Get rid of red eye, crop an image or rotate a picture.  Now, say ‘cheese’.

Oh, and you can screen shot your phone too.  How? By clicking the lock button and the home button at the same time. Sounds simple but it’s such a handy little tool. 

Take a selfie with your headphones 

Daft as it may seem, and yes, the world has gone selfie mad, but you can take a selfie using your headphones.  Plug in your headphones, open the camera app and click the volume up button on your phone.  Snap! And your selfie is taken. Less shake and far more natural. 

Shake it, shake, shake, shake it 

Did you know that if you’ve written something and then accidentally deleted it all you need to do is to shake your phone. Shake it once to bring up the undo typing and twice to redo. Clever, huh? 

Your iPhone is a powerful little device, look after it well, and make sure you’re getting the most from it.  Speak to us at Fivebars Mobile for more information and how we can review your tariff for free.