Have you heard? Ofcom have officially announced new rules to improve broadband services across the UK (hooray!). Let’s be honest, this is great news and it’s something most if not all of us have been waiting for, for a long time!

After the guidelines were drafted back in February of this year and reviewed by the European Commission, they have now come into effect (since April 1). This means that we will and should see improvements in all full-fibre broadband networks, which should also show improvements in the quality in the Openreach services after further investments.

BT have also been challenged by Ofcom to open its telegraph poles as well as their underground tunnels in order to set a realistic challenge to their competitors. The reason for this is to allow for their full fibre networks to be set up much quicker and efficiently.

What about cost?

Ofcom have also promised that they will no longer regulate Openreach broadband product prices, which will allow operators to build full fibre networks with various incentives put in place. More affordable superfast broadband will also be made available as wholesale prices charges have been reduced, which is fantastic news to communication providers and their customers!

What do we think?

This is news that we’ve all been waiting for, it will allow for a much better service to you (our customers), including repairing faults and installations, as the new rules have been tightened. If you’d like to upgrade to superfast broadband, give our connectivity experts a call and they’ll be able to go through any questions you have.