As company owners, being able to offer vehicles to your staff is credit to you and it just shows how successful your business is. From an employee’s point of view, it’s obviously a great bonus and incentive, being able to drive a company car, van or truck. However, with that comes with some risks that everyone needs to be aware of, we’ve therefore given a quick overview as to why you should invest into our tracking solution. 

Track your car, help the drivers

Whether your vehicles are shared among a pool of drivers, or each driver has their own designated vehicle, we offer an identification solution that enables fleet managers to always be in the loop by pulling a wide range of reports on all or individual drivers at any point in time. This is through our bespoke ID solution, which is a wireless, hassle-free solution that allows you to have an insight that can be crucial when assessing, evaluating and optimising individual or group driver performances.  

Do I actually need this?

The answer should always be yes! The main reason for that is the following; the telematics package that we provide to our clients will allow you to be a step ahead and more importantly, you’ll have access to unique, valuable and potentially cost-saving data about your fleet and drivers. Our Driver ID solution along with real-time driver scores will give you instant access to any negative driving habits or any other vital highlights. With this solution, you can eliminate things like fuel consumption, carbon emissions and vehicle wear and tear, which are all common habits of negative driving.

It’s a smooth, easy to use system

Unlike many other tracking, telematics or Driver ID solutions, we try to ensure that our customers don’t have to be too tech-savvy, calculate various figures or generally spend too much time trying to work out how to use the system. This unique solution has the ability to provide you with data from a wide range of applications, you will always find the information that you’re looking for in one place. For example, if you don’t have designated vehicles and your drivers change them frequently, our Driver ID does all the hard work for you by allowing you to trace driver performances across any vehicle that they have access to at any time. Other benefits will also help you to have clear oversight such as delivery discrepancies as well as accurately tracing individuals responsible for any driving offences, all to prevent any disputes.

What’s next?

There is so much more to it, as we mentioned we offer a complete solution! Even though tracking and our Driving ID packages are hugely important for any business, we provide a wide range of products that help you and your fleet managers have a clear oversight on each vehicle and personnel, including live CCTV remote access, smart tachometer readings and real-time tracking. As you can see there is a lot to offer so make sure you keep an eye out over the next weeks as we introduce more and more information on why this type of ‘tracking’ has the ability to make some significant cost-saving changes to your business.