Adding Remote Immobilisation to our telematics package means that company vehicles can be immobilised remotely via any internet connected PC, laptop or tablet. Should a vehicle be moved without the knowledge or approval of the company or the owner, our solution will automatically issues an email alert containing the vehicles details and current location. This action ensures that the vehicle will not start again the next time the ignition is switched on, and will not do so until the system instructs the immobiliser to be deactivated. Remote Immobilisation is an important feature if you wish to safeguard your valuable company assets and increase levels of security. Doing so will lessen the chances of a vehicle being stolen and increase stolen vehicle recovery rates.

How does it work?

Any vehicle with the Fivebars Remote Immobilisation solution can be immobilised quickly and conveniently from any internet enabled PC or smart device. Company administrators simply log in to the our online portal and select the device that requires immobilising. This intuitive software will send a signal to the tracking unit which can then disable the starter motor circuit on the vehicle. This can be activated again with another click of the mouse, as a safety feature vehicles cannot be immobilised whilst in motion and access can be restricted to individual users in the office.

How Remote Immobilisation can help your business

  • Improves levels of security
  • Remote immobilisation and dashboard mounted immobilisers provides two extra security systems to you company vehicles.
    Potentially reduces insurance premiums
  • GPS tracking with immobilisation features may reduce your annual fleet insurance premiums
  • Improves stolen vehicle recovery rates
  • Remote immobilisation increases the chances that police can recover stolen vehicles where they have parked up

How we help

Our telematics solution offers an array of services, depending on what your requirements are. We have the ability to package your requirements into a solution to allow your business to not only make cost-saving changes to your fleet but also to allow you to identify ways to improve the way your run your current fleet of vehicles and drivers. Remote Immobilisation is an incredibly useful and very popular part of our telematics services and if you’d like to find out more on how it could be beneficial for you business, just get in touch!