Across Hampshire, Isle of Wight and the Thames Valley, over the course of one year, police officers have caught almost 16,000 drivers using their mobile phone whilst behind the wheel of car.  The police haven’t made mobile phone use whilst driving illegal for nothing and here’s why:
Did you know, you’re four times more likely to crash your car whilst using your mobile phone? 
Did you know, that your reaction time slows by around 50%?
Did you know, that even the sound of your mobile phone ringing in your car is a major distraction? 
Did you know, that texting whilst driving means 35% slower reaction times and poor lane control? 
We could go on.  
As a safety conscious mobile phone business, we at Fivebars Mobile are not only here to get you a good mobile phone deal, we also want you to be safe.  If you get caught using a mobile phone whilst driving then you could receive a £100 fine and three points on your licence. You could also go to court, be disqualified from driving and receive a higher fine. 

It can be all too tempting to use a mobile phone whilst driving, which is why we urge you to think of your safety, and the safety of others.  We offer car kits that meet the legal requirements and will enable you to carry on driving and operating your car safely.  
Top tips
But there are a few ways you can endeavour to be safer on the roads:
  • Consider turning your phone on silent so that the noise doesn’t distract you or be tempting to answer
  • Stop, where appropriate, to take calls so you’re not distracted whilst driving 
  • Put your phone out of reach to avoid temptation 
  • Ensure your car is fitted with a hands-free kit in case you do have to take a call 
  • If you know someone else is driving try to avoid calling them unless it’s urgent 
You may see yourself as the most careful driver in the world, but the facts don’t lie.  Do all you can to protect yourself and others on the roads.  We understand just how important it is to stay communicated with others, but there is a time and a place.  That email can wait, that text message can wait, your Facebook update can wait too. Think before you answer.